Favorit Phonique Cosmic Giggle

Mittwoch, 6. Februar
Favorit Phonique
Cosmic Giggle
Electronic live act - Objects music form - Interactive waves
by kk::mir::ellez::twiddle::riavonda
Weaving, mixing. From the components a mesh, which inevitably causes a cosmic giant in space. Open. Conclude. Compress a ball in the air from all ingredients. Distill. Filter. Make it by ticking individual threads on a device. Fill. Model. Wave. Hyperactive, interdisciplinary, experimental sound and smoke. Spread in all directions. Ritual in all traditions. All genres. Objects and materials. All origins. Live! Two, infinity. Lots. Record, play back. Absorb, extract. Grinding, pruning, screwing, turning. Automatically. New forms emerge through the manifold of individual intervention. Automatically. Naturally.
Favorit Phonique - mehrstündige improvisierte Live-Elektronik
21 Uhr 30 bis ca. 1 Uhr 30
Eintritt frei
Mit freundlicher Unterstützung des Kulturreferates München