30. Juni 2014 iRRland-Filmabend - Die Gstettensaga: The Rise of Echsenfriedl


Die Gstettensaga: The Rise of Echsenfriedl

(Österreich, 2014, 72 Min)


Montag 30. Juni 2014, 20 Uhr, iRRland, Bergmannstraße 8, München


!! Mit special guest stars Johannes Grenzfurthner (Drehbuch, Regie) und Roland Gratzer (Drehbuch) aus Wien !!



A long time ago, the so-called "Google Wars" engulfed the whole world in a deadly chain reaction. Civilization came to a grinding halt. But there is still hope. This is the story of a new beginning...


A plot teaser: 

The growing tension between the last two remaining superpowers -­ China and Google -­ escalates in the early 21st century, and results in the global inferno of the "Google Wars". But the years go by, radioactive dust settles on old battlegrounds, and a New World rises from the ashes of the old. Fratt Aigner, a seedy journalist, and Alalia Grundschober, a nerdy technician, live and work in Mega City Schwechat: the biggest semi-urban sprawl in the foothills of what remained of the Alps. Newspaper mogul Thurnher von Pjölk assigns them a special task: to venture into the boondocks of the Gstetten and find the legendary Echsenfriedl. It is the beginning of a journey full of dangers, creatures and precarious working conditions...


We originally created the film for ORF III (Austria's PBS; premiered in March 2014), but we are also submitting it to a bunch of film festivals and hacker cons all around the globe... so let's see...


Side story: We were brainstorming how to get a bit more money for the project. So we added a text insert into the film, one similar to watermarks used in festival viewing copies. The text insert asks the viewer to report the film as copyright infringement by calling a premium-rate phone number (1.09 EUR/minute). And when the film aired on Austrian national television, people really called the number to report us. So we co-financed the film with proceeds from the premium-rate number. I call this new strategy 'crowdratting.'



Anyhow, here is the website: http://monochrom.at/gstettensaga/



Artikel von Peter Mühlbauer auf telepolis: http://www.heise.de/tp/artikel/41/41478/1.html