31. März 2016 - Se Mustard Terrorists & MC Broko

department of volxbesenftigung presents


Se Mustard Terrorists

(Experimental-Noise-Rock-Duo from Linz) 




Kotva/MC Broko

(Trash-Punk-Madness from Graz)


 Donnerstag 31.3.2016 | 20 Uhr | Kafe Marat Thalkirchner Straße 102 München | Eintritt 4-6 Euro









Beim Versuch, dem 100-Jahre-Dada-Zug hinterherzurennen und noch schnell aufzuspringen, stolpern wir über unsere eigenen Füße und schlagen uns die Knie blutig mit den Dada-Punx, Noise-Rockern und Alien-Metallern SE MUSTARD TERRORISTS (in Linz beginnt's!), die sich zusammen mit den Grazer Wohlfühl-Punks KOTVA auf Tour begeben und sich in diesem Rahmen im Kafe "back to the seeds" Marat zu einem Konzert einfinden werden.

Das Senfterroristenduo sind Pamina und - ach! - Andreas Christian Haslauer, Mittelpunkt des Linzer epileptic media-Universums, dessen knallig-surreale Zeichnungen, Siebdrucke, Lithografien und Malereien letztes Jahr im iRRland ausgestellt wurden und sich dabei tief in unser Gedächtnis gebrannt haben. Diesmal gibt es mehr akustische als visuelle Eindrücke, die aber ziemlich sicher ebenso bleibende Narben hinterlassen werden.

Mit auf dem Schiff ist KOTVA/MC BROKO mit einer experimental-one-person-freak-show, inklusive knallig-lila Rennrad - nicht gänzlich ironiefreier Wellness-Punk als Überlebensstrategie in dieser unwirklichen Wirklichkeit.





Se Mustard Terrorists



"When the back cover shows two people and the text 'Pamina - drums, vocals / Andreas - guitars, noise', what exactly do you expect?  I've been asking myself that question for a while before I started reviewing this album.  Noise rock crossed my mind, maybe some mysterious drones or some wicked noise rock?  I didn't really think about experimental rock music at first. I should have known that this would be something unlike most things I've heard.

This duo hails from Austria and focuses mainly on creating music you wouldn't suspect.  This is lo-fi rock music taking elements from no-wave, noise rock and indie pop and blending it into something deeply personal and highly enjoyable.  Se Mustard Terrorists simply don't care about genres, contemporary song structures or a high-end production.  No, they just want to experiment, create, strip-down and start again.

Maybe I'm not digging deep enough into the experimental scene to be able to compare this band to any other.  Only in the vocals (both sound and vocals lines) I hear the same flashes of the looming insanity that made The Dresden Dolls a hit.  The songs have a similar bizarre and dark beauty and at times ('Tajemnica' is a wonderful song) a fragile sound.  It's exactly here where the true genius of this act lies, combining fragility with an experimental nature and a no-nonsense approach.

In all, Se Mustard Terrorists is a highly talented DIY-act that seems to stay away from hypes.  So I
would truly suggest all experimental rock fans to check this out.  You'll be surprised and amazed and maybe a bit dazzled as well.  This is a perfect example of the sheer awesomeness that crawls in the musical underground.  Stuff like this is why I founded this website..." (from www.merchantsofair.com)








¦  2 piece w-punk  ¦   

anti-fascist – anti-sexist – anti-homophobic 

We as a band, DIY project as well as human beings give a clear statement about our attitude, which we try to make a subject of discussion within our music. 


wellness-punk is not just a genre with a spark of irony regarding nowadays punk, it´s a philosophy of life that helps us to survive ‘the reality´. w-punk should rule the world and everybody needs a kotva tatoo!