In May 2011, department of volxvergnuegen held an event about text adventures, or interactive fiction. (also see the archive on our main page). We programmed our own little game especially for the occasion; the game takes place at least partly during the event and lets you meet the volxvergnuegen crew and Jason Scott, all wrapped up in a whacky b-movie story. The rather unprofessional but  pretty funny game is now released to the public in two disctinctive flavours:

Firstly, you can play the game online and download it with some nice added content (called „feelies“) like a map or an introduction to playing interactive fiction, HERE.

Secondly, the game is out now as a real physical product package including a DVD containing among the game and interpreters for several systems loads of pictures, movies and audio files from the event, the feelies mentioned above as nice prints, a flyer advertising the evening, an autographed picture of a crew member and a little surprise. The package is hand-numbered and limited to only 42 copies, so hurry! Order it for four Euro plus shipping HERE.

HERE you can take a look at the nice back cover to give you a hint.

The game is in English, by the way.